Name : Chris Willis Role : Manager of Discovery and Translational Sciences Company : Clarivate Analytics

Chris Willis began his career in science as an undergrad at University of Delaware upon receiving a Howard Hughes Medical Institute scholarship to train in a structural biology lab. His interest in protein structure/function took him to graduate school at University of Maryland School of Medicine where he received his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He conducted his dissertation research in a physiology lab and focused on interactions that regulate proper calcium signaling and muscle contraction. Upon graduating, he moved into the field of oncology and as a postdoc at the Kimmel Cancer Center, he studied anti-angiogenic mechanisms in tumors using gene expression profiling. Throughout his academic career, Chris published papers that are part of the Web of Science before starting at Thomson Reuters (Now Clarivate Analytics) in 2012 as a solution scientist supporting the discovery, translational and pre-clinical solutions. Currently he manages the global team of scientists who specialize in combination knowledge and data driven approaches to translational informatic applications.

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